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AUGUST 3, 2024

Embracing our humble origins in a charming one-stoplight town nestled within Floyd, Virginia, our natural bath and body company brings you exquisite products that capture the essence of elegance and exclusivity.

Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication with our handcrafted formulas, meticulously curated using only the most exquisite organic oils. Fall in love with the incomparable quality and elegance that awaits you and your family.

Every single item in our collection has been thoughtfully curated with you and your loved ones in mind. We passionately uphold the principle that our skin and every breath we take should never be subjected to any harmful CHEMICALS. Trust us to preserve your well-being with our exquisitely pure products.

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BODY BUTTER $35.99 : 500MG

MASSAGE OIL $30.99 : 500MG


BATH BOMB : $8.99

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"I have a skin condition called Ichthyosis. My skin doesn't shed as it should, and it has been a hard battle for me. Until Now! These are pictures of my hand and my leg back at Christmas, before I found Sparkling Wildflower LLC , compared to my skin yesterday. I have tried everything you can get that is supposed to help this and as you can see, it was without success. I started using the Rescue my skin regularly and have since January. I will never stop using this! It has made a world of difference in my life. I'm no longer ashamed of how my skin looks. I'm so grateful to have found such wonderful skin products, and the added bonus is they are all natural. Thank you Amber Nicole for all the care you put into these amazing products." -Cindy Tim Treadway
"I just want to share a before and after of a few weeks using Rescue My Skin on my armpits. I've tried dermatologist prescriptions and they never gave me such progress... This is incredible!" -Cindy Craig