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BODY BUTTER $35.99 : 500MG

MASSAGE OIL $30.99 : 500MG


BATH BOMB : $8.99

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Our products are natural and handcrafted by us in Floyd County Virginia. We use only the highest quality of oils that are not only are for us, but also our children.

organic oils

cold press bar soap

Lather into our magical bar of handcrafted soap that will be sure to hydrate, soften and make your skin glow.

soft + fluffy
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cover me in lather
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"My Dad rides a motorcycle and since my Mom passed he rides pretty regularly. He was talking last week about how bad of shape his arms are getting to be in... sun and wind damage. Tonight I took him Black Ice scrub and body butter and he used it on his arms. Check out the before and after...and the after is well after...not the oily picture that should look good no matter what...this was a while later after his skin soaked it all up. Same room...same lighting. Ya'll he is 70 years old. His arms look and feel great. Holy cow." -Andrea
"I have a skin condition called Ichthyosis. My skin doesn't shed as it should, and it has been a hard battle for me. Until Now! These are pictures of my hand and my leg back at Christmas, before I found Sparkling Wildflower LLC , compared to my skin yesterday. I have tried everything you can get that is supposed to help this and as you can see, it was without success. I started using the Rescue my skin regularly and have since January. I will never stop using this! It has made a world of difference in my life. I'm no longer ashamed of how my skin looks. I'm so grateful to have found such wonderful skin products, and the added bonus is they are all natural. Thank you Amber Nicole for all the care you put into these amazing products." -Cindy Tim Treadway

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Body Balm


Head to toe wash


Pain relief spray

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magnesium oil

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classic body butter

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Natural Skin Care
Gentle Face Collection
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Gentle Face Scrub

Scrub away your worries and leave your face refreshed combining whole oats, avocado butter, honey, aloe, and vanilla bean for the perfect consistency.

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I ordered this scent during the last sale because I thought it would be a cute little surprise for my son! "I can tell you this one took me by surprise when I smelt it! I put some on his arms and neck and he says “this smells sooo good mommy!” The next morning he wanted to put some on before school so he could have his friends smell it too. Then yesterday he made sure to put some on before going to his Hammie’s house."


Jenn Lynn

"Don’t let her cuteness fool you. This girl right here has stolen my detangler, Best of Pals body butter, and my Dino Body butter. I can’t blame her because they’re the travel size so they’re perfect for her."


Catherine Keith

"We love this product! I use it all the time and it leaves my hair so silky and soft! Reagan would not survive if we didn’t have it, her hair is fine and tangles easily-mix that we a tender headed child and brushing her hair can be a nightmare. I use this every night and it smells so good, she tries to lick the air as I’m spraying it on her hair "


Anna Hootman

"The biggest Dino & Unicorn lovers ever!!! 🦕 🦄 🥰"

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Amanda Marshall

"He loves the Dino body butter"

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Cindy Craig

"This girl had her 2.5yo check up today. Her doctor complimented how soft her skin is for being in the rough and tumble toddler stage. All thanks to Sparkling Wildflower ! She gets only SW bath and body products for her bath and bedtime routine. Plus other useful stuff like rash cream, sunburn spray, etc. "

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"Hi. I am a chronic headache sufferer with diagnosed migraines. I am surprised I don’t have liver damage from the amount of Tylenol I lived on in high school before officially being diagnosed with migraines and getting on a preventative. Let’s talk about this Headache Away Relief… This picture shows where I personally rub this when I have a headache coming on. Rub this, drink water, and take 5 deep breaths. Poof…magic!!!" -Jenn Lynn