Our Policies

We are so glad you are shopping with us! As we are a small family owned business we have general policies and practices in place to ensure prompt service and quality products. 

Please note, by placing an order with Sparkling Wildflower LLC. you are agreeing to the policies and procedures outlined below. If you have any questions, please email TheSparklingWildflower@gmail.com or contact the Facebook Business page prior to placing your order.

General Order Information:

  • All sales are final. Due to the nature of the products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

  • Once an order has been placed, it cannot be canceled.

  • If there is a problem with an order, we must be contacted within 48 hours after receipt (personal delivery, mail delivery, or pick up) through our email TheSparklingWildflower@gmail.com or by contacting our Facebook Business page. Product pictures and details including your order number must be included.

  • Our products are not for resale. Quality can only be guaranteed on Sparkling Wildflower products purchased directly from us. 

Payment Policy:

  • Payment is due at the time of order and is accepted through the following:

    • Direct checkout on TheSparklingWildflower.com website with a credit card (or debit card if your financial institution permits this).
    • ShopPay
    • PayPal
    • Google Pay
  • Before completing your check out, make sure that ShopPay, PayPal, or Google Pay has not denied your payment. 
    • Unfortunately, we do not receive information as to why your payment was denied and you will need to reach out to customer service for the payment method used for assistance.

Processing Times:

  • Processing times are based on the calendar that is posted on the business page and in the group each month which indicate the "sw" business days.

  • By placing an order you are agreeing to these processing times and understand that order status updates will not be provided via email or Facebook Messenger until after the quoted processing time. 

  • It is important to understand that as a family owned business there may be times when it is not possible to process your order within these timeframes, but in these instances communication will be posted in the Facebook group.

    • For non-sale orders, the normal processing time is 5-7 "sw" business days.

    • For sale orders, the normal processing time is 14-21 "sw" business days.

Shipping & Pick-Up Policies:

Sparkling Wildflower LLC is located in Floyd, VA but we offer shipping nationwide. Additionally, for local customers we offer porch pick-up.

  • If you select pick-up during check-out, but need to change this to shipping there is no guarantee this can be accommodated but you can contact the business email with the request.
    • By changing methods your order may be delayed with processing and receiving.
    • You will be charged the full shipping cost prior to the shipment being mailed.
    • If you select pick-up for an order but do not live locally or have the ability to pick-up the order, it will not be processed until shipping is paid for which can result in a delay.

  • If you select and pay for shipping during check-out and  decide to pick-up instead, you need to notify us within 2 business days of the order being placed. We will not be able to refund the cost of shipping.

  • Once the order is shipped the package should arrive within 2-3 business days of shipping. However, there may be times when USPS cannot deliver it within those timeframes. 
    • We are working to provide tracking for each and every package and this should be possible in the future, but currently we are working as hard as possible to provide tracking numbers for most orders.
    • If an item is received damaged via the postal system please contact the business email within 24 hours of receipt including an image of the damage to the product, the box/package, and any shipping information on the package. 

  • When packages are shipped, the address that you provided during check-out is cut from your order form and taped to the package. We do not manually write the addresses.
  1. If the address that is provided during check-out is incorrect and the package is returned to us, you will be responsible for the additional cost to ship to the correct address. This will result in a delay.
  2. If the address that is provided during check-out is not complete (i.e. you supply a street address but not the apartment number, suite number, etc.) and the package is not delivered to you, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the items and shipping. This will cause a delay.
  3. If your tracking number states that the package was delivered, you will need to contact the USPS to file a claim and find out where they delivered your package. We will not be responsible for returned, undelivered, or incorrectly delivered packages based on any incorrect or incomplete address given during check-out.
  4. Refunds will not be given for incorrect or incomplete shipping address information provided during check-out.
  • Pick-up orders must be retrieved within 5 days of notification the order is ready. Items not picked up within 5 days may be put back in stock, unless prior arrangements have been made with the owner.
    • We will directly contact customers to notify them that pick-up orders are ready. Do not rely on SHOP app updates for status updates. 
    • Pick-up orders not picked up within 10 days may be replaced at the discretion of Sparkling Wildflowers LLC if the items are in stock. If not in stock, you may be given a store credit.

    Additional important reminders about order fulfillment and shipping!

    • At this time, the SHOP app incorrectly states an order has shipped when it has only been pulled for processing. Please note that we DO NOT provide updates via the SHOP app, therefore, while the SHOP app is convenient for keeping a record, this cannot be used for tracking the status of your order.
      • Please do not rely on SHOP to provide accurate information regarding the status of your order.
      • We will send you an email directly stating your order is in processing once we have started working on your order and this is classified as "fulfilled".

    • When we mark an order as being "Fulfilled", it means that we are working on your order, but this does not mean your order is complete or shipping.
      • When making batches of product we may pull multiple orders that have the item we are making which will mean the order may begin the fulfillment process, but this can still be a few days before the entire order is complete.
      • If you have not received pick-up or shipping confirmation within 10 business days of the order being marked "Fulfilled", please contact us through the Facebook page or business email for assistance.

    Discount Codes:

    We love a discount just as much as the next person and are so honored we can provide our customers with discounts!

    If an order is placed without the discount code or gift card this cannot be added after the order is placed and an order cannot be cancelled to resubmit utilizing the discount or gift card. Additionally, discount codes cannot be combined and only one code can be used per order.

    Here’s some information to help you understand the use of discount codes when ordering:

    • In your cart, the highlighted area is where you enter your discount code:

      • If the code is valid, you will see that the discount has been applied to your order:

        • If the code is not valid, you will receive the error "Enter a valid discount code":

        • If you do not see the discount applied to your cart, or if you receive the message "Enter a valid discount code", contact the business page or email BEFORE checking out.

          Reward Points:

          • Bon Loyalty provides the service for the rewards program. We are not able to issue points or change anything regarding the points.

          • Here is some information about certain types of points, and when you can expect to see them credited to your account:

            • Order points – These points are added each time you place an order. We do not control or know when the points will be available in your account.

            • Referral points – In order for these points to be added, the person to whom you sent the link will have to create an account and place an order. Once that order is fulfilled (not placed), you both will receive your points. Again, we do not control or know when the points will be available in your account.

            • Birthday points – These points will be put into your account on/near your birthday! We’ve heard from some of you that the date for your birthday keeps changing in the program, with the majority being to the day before your birthday. Bon Loyalty sets it to the day before your birthday so you get your birthday points early!

          Customer Service:

          • All customer service-related issues are to be handled by sending a message to our business page or by emailing the business email.

          • Attempts to post customer service issues in the group will not be approved, and comments under someone else's post may be deleted.

          • Please do not message the personal accounts of Amber, Dillon, or any of the admins or moderators. 

          How to contact us:

          Situations Requiring Prior Approval:

          Any of the following situations require prior approval before the order is placed. Unfortunately, consideration for any of the following cannot be accommodated after the order has been submitted. Please note, the following are exceptions and therefore are never guaranteed and should only be requested in extraordinary circumstances. 

          • Individualized product customization. 
          • Rush orders.

          Combining orders:

          • Previously we were able to combine orders that were placed separately, whether they were sale or non-sale orders; however, we no longer are able to accommodate combining orders. 
            • For example, an order is placed on Monday and then on Friday of that week we have a surprise sale and you would like to have the Monday order combined with the Friday order. Even if the Monday order is still in processing this can no longer be accommodated and shipping will be charged per order accordingly. 

          • If an exception is ever made to combine orders, the processing time for all orders combined will be based on the last order placed. (Please see the section "Processing Times" for additional information).
            • ie: if you ordered on March 21 and again on March 26, the processing time will be based on the March 26 order.


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